About MDSUN Skin Care

MDSUN Skin Care Give The Skin Long-Lasting Radiance & Youth

about mdsun skin care

Brand Story

When Dr. George Sun began his career as a plastic surgeon, he noticed that the range of prescription skin care products available at the time were too harsh for long-term use due to potential reactions such as redness, dryness, irritation, and inflammation. Determined to discover the perfect blend between efficacy and gentleness, he drew upon his extensive background in biochemistry and began formulating his own skin care products to successfully treat his patients. In 2001, he launched MDSUN, a line of cosmeceutical skin care products that provides long-time improvement in the look and feel of skin.

About MDSUN Products

MDSUN is a collaboration between medicine and beauty, utilizing innovative biochemical engineering to deliver the highest quality skin care products to customers. Our goal is to give your skin long-lasting radiance and youth. MDSUN is patient and customer focused and as such, we strive to make sure all our products are of the highest grade and 100% grounded in medical research.

MDSUN offers a cosmetically elegant experience without harsh ingredients, perfumes, or chemical scents. Our clinically proven formulations are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and free of synthetic preservatives, hydroquinone, fragrances, and PABA. They are also dermatologist-tested and independent-tested. All skin types can use MDSUN products.

Our products achieve superior skin enhancing functions due to our unique proprietary Ultrapack technology. Each product features a custom formulated base, designed with specialized ingredients that provide clinical efficacy and long-term improvement in the look and feel of skin. At the same time, MDSUN products are mild enough to for use on sensitive skin over a lifetime. MDSUN products do not require a peeling or acclimation phase in order to enhance the appearance of skin. They are safe to use pre- or post-treatment, or in conjunction with surgical procedures.

about mdsun skin care

What is Ultrapack technology?

Dr. Sun developed Ultrapack technology to create the premium formulas found in all MDSUN products. Ultrapacks are synergistic, highly-concentrated formulations of clinical-grade ingredients that promote dramatic results over time – without irritation, peeling, redness, or other common adverse effects. Used throughout MDSUN products, they incorporate a variety of comprehensive combinations of powerful ingredients: lipid- and water-soluble antioxidants and vitamins, alpha and beta hydroxyl, lipohydroxy and polyhydroxy acids, amino acids, polyphenols, flavonoids and isoflavanones, cytokinins, retinoid derivatives, multiple skin brightening components, botanical anti-inflammatories, natural skin barrier components, and a multitude of growth factors, peptides, and stem cells. The formulations are delivered in a specialized liposomal vehicle for enhanced stability, comfort, penetration, and efficacy.

While different MDSUN products contain different Ultrapacks, the intent is the same – to deliver a concentrated dose of the ingredients skin needs to enhance the appearance of a firmer, smoother texture with a luminous glow and even tone.