Witchy Woman: Witch Hazel’s Place in Skin Care

You’ve probably seen witch hazel when you’ve peered curiously into your grandparents’ medicine cabinet, but it seems to be pretty mysterious and sounds like voodoo magic. A certain Eagles song may have even popped into your head. Oooooooh. . . .just the name evokes visions of women dancing naked around a fire under a full […]

What Is a Toner Meant to Do?

Life is busy! We have a lot on our minds and a lot on our plates these days. Who wants to put forth any more effort than what is absolutely essential to get the job done? That mindset, though, will likely land you in hot water more often than not, and that’s particularly true when […]

Aloe Leaf Extract Does More Than Soothe Burns

Aloe vera has been used for centuries for its purgative effect, healing abilities, and beauty applications dating back to biblical times. Six references to aloe’s uses can be found in the Bible. Indicators show it’s probably the most applied medicinal plant in the world, being found in cosmetics, medicinal products, and food supplements across the […]

Is Water So Important To Your Skin?

There’s a reason why every single doctor you talk to will voice the importance of making sure you drink plenty of water every day. Water is essential for just about every single function that takes place inside the human body. Do you really think your skin is any different? Water is just as important to […]

The Midas Touch: Golden Technology

What seems like a far-off luxury could actually be the next best thing for your skin. Truth be told, if the Japanese, Romans, and Egyptians were using gold for various skin care treatments since early time, we have a lot of catching up to do! A few companies out there are now including gold in […]

MDSUN Repair Moisturizer: DNA on Your Side

Just imagine: Instead of feeling guilty and fretting over all the time you spent outside without sunscreen this past summer, you could be carefree in preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Instead of staring at all the new freckles in the mirror, wondering when age spots are going to start appearing, you could be already […]

Are Lunch Break Facials For You?

Are lunch break facials for you? Spending an entire day at the spa sounds absolutely heavenly, but most people don’t have that kind of time to spend on themselves. The good news is that not all cosmetic procedures are afternoon-long affairs. Many procedures are now accessible entirely on your lunch break and only take 20 […]

When Acne Decides to Spread

So many questions, so much acne. Dealing with adult acne can be incredibly frustrating. Sometimes you feel as though you’re just going down the rabbit hole of treatments, only to wind up someplace weirder than the last, with no real relief. So what do you do when acne decides to spread? How do you handle […]