Sexy and Graceful: How to Be That Woman in Your 40s

There’s a lot to be said for aging gracefully. It’s that elusive grail that seems like it’s always out of reach. Especially once you hit the big four-oh, it’s common to start constantly comparing your current self with a younger version of yourself. When I was in my 20s I could vault up on that […]

Mid Day Stress Relievers that Every Professional Can Use

Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. That demand or threat once upon a time was lions, tigers, or bears – oh my! Now, our stresses are slightly more tame: a looming deadline, a botched sales call, a tricky office relationship. When you sense danger – whether real […]

Post-Exercise Beauty Tips

There’s more to becoming publicly-presentable after a workout than freshening your makeup and dousing yourself in perfume to mask the sweat-stench. To both look and feel your best, you have to take care of yourself properly to enhance the benefits of exercise instead of working against it. That includes caring for your skin, too. We […]

Freckles Can Be Cute but Dangerous

Who doesn’t think the little red-headed girl is cute with her smattering of dirty freckles dotting her facial features? Freckles can be cute. And in today’s world, porcelain-perfect, clear complexion isn’t as sought after and coveted as it once was. People are being celebrated for their own natural uniqueness. Thick foundation is going down the […]

Do I Need a Dermatologist?

You got caught. You got caught by your new boyfriend, gazing into the vanity mirror staring cross-eyed at that mark on your cheek bone, wondering if you should call and schedule an appointment with your dermatologist. It’s probably about time you stop by to say hello, anyway, right? I mean, you haven’t seen him since […]

Men’s Skin: Are We Past Craggy and Rough as Sexy?

For centuries, men from all over the world have kept their skin rough and rugged for a variety of reasons. They may think that skin care products are mostly geared toward women so men shouldn’t  use them, they may not know how to properly take care of their skin, or they want to keep up […]

Summer Exercise Trends Guaranteed to Get You in Shape

Summer has started. You’re past the initial spring shock, recognizing that you’ve sat on your couch all winter binge watching American Vandal. You started your spring diet, ditching the couch popcorn for healthier smoothies. You began your spring exercise regimen, dutifully sweating away those extra pounds you gained (blame it on the cold). You now […]

Skincare for Your Feet

Your skin is a fascinating organ capable of so many things, which means every inch of it should be cared for. While you may already maintain your face and the parts of your skin that you see every day by using a skincare regimen, it’s not unusual for most to forget about taking care of […]

How Skin Care Needs Change Over the Decades

When we’re young we have the whole world in front of us, and we’re going to live forever; unstoppable, indestructible, forever beautiful. Wouldn’t that be lovely? The sad reality is that as we age, our bodies require more TLC. Caring for older skin is no different. In your younger years you can get away with […]

Laugh Lines and Crow’s Feet Can Be Combated

When you were younger, everyone always told you that those laugh lines on your aunt’s face were a sign of a happy life. You believed them. Until it was you exhibiting the tell-all signs of aging. Now it’s not so cute. For some people, they’ll start to show up in their mid-20’s. If you’ve done […]