Just What Does Sunscreen Really Do?

We’ve all been there. A fun day yesterday out on the boat with friends laughing, swimming, drinking. Today, sunburn. As you soak in a cold bath wishing you could reach your back to apply aloe, you scowl, wondering just what, exactly, does sunscreen really do? You specifically remember applying your sunscreen yesterday after lunch. Right […]

Blow the Critics Away: You Can Change Your Complexion

Do you look at yourself in the mirror and cringe? Do you hide away under a deep, wide-brimmed hat (and not because you’re protecting yourself from the sun)? Do you ever get jealous of someone you meet on the street because of their beautiful, flawless complexion? You should know, you’re not stuck! You’re stuck in […]

Moisturizers For All Occasions

There seems to be a common misconception out there that you don’t need a moisturizer unless your skin is dry, scaly, raw, or itchy. Some people believe they should use a moisturizer when the weather turns cold and their heat is cranked up, blowing warm, dry air. Some think of it as an aesthetically-inclined habit, […]

7 Best Sources of Skin Friendly Antioxidants

When considering your skincare routine, you may not have given much thought to sources of antioxidants. You should. Taking care of your skin involves more than twice-daily cleansing and moisturizing. In fact, what you put into your body has a huge impact on not only your skin, but the rest of your bodily systems, as […]

Latest Diet Trends

Just when you thought there couldn’t be another theory on how to best lose weight or get healthy or cleanse, here comes another one. Diet trends are hotter than ever, with billions of dollars being spent on trying to “eat healthy.” New plans pop up in the media every year.  It’s difficult to decipher the […]

What Are Serums and How Do They Work?

Every day we’re bombarded with a huge variety of skin care choices. There are so many different recommendations on what you should and shouldn’t use and for a multitude of varying reasons. You’ve been told you should incorporate a serum into the middle layers of your facial care routine, but you’re not quite sure how […]

What Your Eyes Say About You

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: Your eyes are the window to your soul. People can tell a lot about you just from looking you in the eyes. That statement seems to hold true when it comes to judging your ability to tell the truth, your sincerity, and the depth […]