Should Taking Care of Your Eyes Be Any Different?

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. They deserve the best possible care. Is that what you’ve been providing? You’ve researched your facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer, serum, mask. You’ve chosen the best anti-acne/anti-aging, soothing products you could find. . . . . .you’ve got all the bases covered, right? Did you think about your […]

How Much Does Age Have to Do With ‘Age Spots?’

The hyperpigmentation from age spots can be known by a host of other names: senile lentigo, lentigines, sun spots, or liver spots. These dark spots appear on the face, arms, and hands as we age. So, age spots are a normal part of the aging process of your skin, right? Not hardly. While nicknamed “age […]

Staying Pale: SPF Simplified

There’s much more to protecting your skin than just avoiding a sunburn. It’s not just the burns that can lead to skin damage and skin cancers. It’s the cumulative effects of the sun’s rays that can wreak havoc on the future you for a long time to come. Sunscreen isn’t just for your beach bag. […]

Stem Cell Use in Skin Care Products?

The science behind skin care has been progressing at a faster and faster rate of speed. Twenty years ago, had you mentioned stem cell use in association with mainstream skin care, people would have stared at you as though you had three heads and steered their children in a path far around you. Reality today […]

Not Happy With Your Skin? Change Your Habits

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it performs highly important roles for you like body thermoregulation and prevention of fluid loss. It protects you from the negative effects of the sun’s radiation and keeps you safe from harmful toxins. It takes care of you. It is your first line of defense. […]

Wrinkles: Where Are They Coming From?

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered “What are all of those wrinkles from?” Hopefully it wasn’t your own reflection you were staring at so critically. Wrinkles can be a part of the natural aging process. But there’s also a lot that you encounter during the course of your life that can lead to […]

Quality Skin Care on a Budget?

Your skin is your largest organ. It protects you from the elements and the environment and plays a key role in your body’s core functions, including removing toxins and working closely with the nervous and circulatory systems. On top of this, it is among your body’s most important beauty markers. Thus, when you are developing […]

Manly Men Need Skin Care, Too

Most men wouldn’t be caught dead standing around discussing their skincare needs and routines. But they have skin, and that skin needs to be cared for, so someone had better be talking about it! We’re talking basic care here. There’s no need for any major muss or fuss. Trips to the salon aren’t necessary, and […]

Organizing Your Vanity

When you’re over-tired from a busy weekend and didn’t get enough sleep last night because the baby was up with a belly ache, the last thing you need to be doing as you’re scrambling at the last minute to get yourself out the door is be searching for your favorite eyeliner amidst the mess and […]