Manly men need skin care, too! Things like acne, oily skin, sensitive skin, and razor burn can all be tackled.

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Your skin needs proper care, but that care doesn’t have to be difficult or horribly time consuming. Just simply spend 5-10 minutes for these essential products to develop the ultimate health of your skin.

Step 1
Active Cleanser (Daytime & nighttime) – Eliminate daily impurities with our 2-in-1 make-up remover and face wash.

Step 2
Active Toner (Daytime & nighttime) – Balance skin’s pH and enhance absorption of serums with our collagen-infused toning essence.

Step 3
Skin Exfoliation Pads (Nighttime) – Remove leftover dead skin cells to metabolize new cell production with our leave-on treatment.

Step 4
Clarifying Serum (Daytime & nighttime) – Minimize oil production and formation of dark spots with our blemish corrector.

Step 5
Super Hydration B Serum (Daytime & nighttime) – Moisturize instantly and strengthen skin barrier with the exceptional formula of over 80% hydrators.

This set contains:
Active Cleanser (120ml)
Active Toner (3ml x5)
Skin Exfoliation Pads (30PCS)
Clarifying Serum (30ml)
Super Hydration B Serum (3ml x 5)


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