Skincare Routine for Anti-Aging:

skin care routine anti-aging

Skincare Products in this Routine for Anti-Aging

CLEANSE:  Active Cleanser  or  Revitalizing Cleanser

TONE:  Active Toner  or  Revitalizing Toner

EXFOLIATE:  Skin Exfoliation Pads

SOOTHE:  Soothener

HYDRATE:  Super Hydration B Serum

LIFT:  Collagen Lift

REJUVINATE:  Wrinkle Smoothener

ENLIVEN:  Med-Eye Complex Cream

MOISTURIZER:  Repair Moisturizer  and  Super Intensive Moisturizer

PROTECT:  Antioxidant UV Protector SPF50  or  Hydrating UV Protector SPF50

MASK:  Super Brightening Mask (once weekly)  or  Hydro Recovery Mask (once weekly)

Aging skin is characterized by its poor elasticity, lack of normal firmness, and sagging due to the loosening of the fibroblast in the dermis. The treatment for aging skin not only moisturizes and hydrates but also helps normalize skin function. The complete anti-aging skincare routine regime should include daily sunscreen, proper hydration, antioxidant moisturizers, and weekly use of masks to aid in the hydration process. Click Here to read more or contact Dr. Sun

When Should You Start Using Anti-Aging Products?

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Why Anti-Aging Creams Are Not Only for Your Face

Let’s face it: Many of us take excellent care of our faces. We buy expensive creams and make microneedling and dermabrasion appointments. When it comes to the skin on the rest of us however, we mostly ignore it, pretending it…

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When Should You Think About Starting an Anti-Aging Regimen

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