Skincare Routine for Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation:

skin care routine dark spot hyperpigmentation

Skincare Products in this Routine for Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation

CLEANSE:  Active Cleanser  or  Revitalizing Cleanser

TONE:  Active Toner  or  Revitalizing Toner

EXFOLIATE:  Skin Exfoliation Pads

BRIGHTEN:  Brightener Serum

HYDRATE:  Super Hydration B Serum

ILLUMINATE: Super Brightening C Serum

ENLIVEN:  Med-Eye Complex Cream  and  Intensive Eye Gel

MOISTURIZER:  Repair Moisturizer  and  Super Intensive Moisturizer

PROTECT:  Antioxidant UV Protector SPF50  or  Hydrating UV Protector SPF50

MASK:  Super Brightening Mask (once weekly)  or  Hydro Recovery Mask (once weekly)

Pigmentation problems result from an uneven distribution of melanin over the skin surface. The best treatment for a pigmentation condition is to use products that contain skin whitening agents which help inhibit tyrosine, prevent the formation of melanin, and reduce the signs of skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation. The use of sunscreens during the day is essential to attain best results. Click Here to read more or contact Dr. Sun

How to Protect Against Hyperpigmentation and Where to Find Products That Work for This

Hyperpigmentation occurs when melanin is overproduced in certain areas of the skin. This results in flat, darkened patches of skin that are light brown to black in colour, and can vary in size and shape.

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How Much Does Age Have to Do With ‘Age Spots’ or ‘Dark Spots’?

The hyperpigmentation from age spots can be known by a host of other names: senile lentigo, lentigines, sun spots, or liver spots. These dark spots appear on the face, arms, and hands as we age.

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Combating Age Spots and Other Signs of Aging Now

The best way to cure a problem is to prevent it in the first place! This holds true for so very many things. Signs of aging are no exception. What happens to your skin now has a huge…

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