Skincare Routine for Dryness:

skin care routine dryness dry skin

Skincare Products in this Routine for Dryness

CLEANSE:  Revitalizing Cleanser

TONE:  Revitalizing Toner

EXFOLIATE:  Skin Exfoliation Pads (once weekly)

SOOTHE:  Soothener

HYDRATE:  Super Hydration B Serum

ENLIVEN:  Intensive Eye Gel  and  Med-Eye Complex Cream

MOISTURIZE:  Repair Moisturizer  and  Super Intensive Moisturizer

PROTECT:  Antioxidant UV Protector SPF50  or  Hydrating UV Protector SPF50

MASK:  Super Brightening Mask (once weekly)  or  Hydro Recovery Mask (once weekly)

Dry skin is typically dehydrated and fewer in cells in the corneum layer than oily skin; it is characterized by nearly invisible pores and skin that tends to wrinkle easily and is filled with tiny superficial lines.

Dry skin requires daytime protection using products containing sealants such as silicone or collagen-based products. These products form a layer on the surface of the skin and reduce moisture loss. Night cream is absolutely essential. A mask treatment and hydrating serum is advisable for dry skin. Click Here to read more or contact Dr. Sun

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