Our customers praise our products for their efficacy and quick results – Discover what MDSUN can do for your skin

On Active Cleanser

“I loved trying out different cleansers until I found this! Active Cleanser is truly amazing! It works perfectly to remove all my makeup and dirt without any irritation. I really love the feeling of my skin after use! This is the only cleanser I use and recommend!” – Erin L.

On Brightener Serum

“I loved the results I received from using this brightening product. My face felt revitalized and got brighter. My family and friends noticed my acne scars have been fading away. I am amazed how even my skin tone is! I would definitely recommend it to everybody.” – Salma G.

On Collagen Lift

“I began seeing a dramatic improvement in my skin soon after using it for a month. My skin was very oily and very sensitive. Since I have started using this day and night, the redness on my face has completely gone. Not only fixes the problems caused by my skin allergy, but also hydrates and tightens every inch of my skin. Collagen Lift totally transformed my skin and brought back my youth!” – Phoenix O.

On Collagen Lift

“Tried this because my favorite bloggers recommended. The packaging looks very luxurious and beautiful. After using it for a week, I can see the wrinkles on my forehead and lines on my neck start disappearing. Botox works instantly but lasts a few months only. This gel serum works as much as Botox, but is safer and lasts longer!” – Natasha Y.

On Hydro Recovery Mask

“I got sunburnt from surfing last week. My face looked horrible with the redness and flakiness. My sister gave me two pieces of this mask and I have to admit the mask immediately calmed my skin. The redness has vanished. My face was super hydrated and nourished by the essence of the mask.” – Chumas M.

On Repair Moisturizer

“Wow! This moisturizing cream really works! I’m 49 and had been trying different brands until I met MDSUN. Their products are very gentle and effective on my dry and sensitive skin. I use this amazing Repair Moisturizer every morning before applying the sunscreen. My skin is getting smooth and firm. Totally in love with it!” – Ingrid C.

On Super Hydration B Serum

“This facial serum is light and not greasy. I checked the ingredients and found that Sodium Hyaluronate was shown on the top of the list. No wonder this serum does nourish and hydrate my skin so intensively. This is perfect for my skin! Less than $100 for a professional doctor brand hydrating serum, where else can you find it?” – Cathy H.